Membership is available through the following LINK

If you are going to attend Tet you can pay for membership and tickets for Tet in one transaction HERE

Why pay for membership?

“…I use the FB for free, get emails from friends and join events without the need for a membership, so why would I pay for membership?…”

This isn’t a membership for a service or product. You do not join to get something from it but to give something to your children and their friends who share a similar background.
You enable the formation of a close-knit community of Irish-Vietnamese children nationwide and allow this point of contact to continue to exist. Too many voluntary adoption support groups have disappeared for lack of support in the past few years.

VIS is a 100% no profit support group.
The committee members/volunteers freely give of their time and often their own resources (be it baking, stationery, crafts, raffle items, toys for Tet baby corner etc.)

So all of the money collected through the membership fee goes towards subsidising the cost of our main annual event, tet and any other running costs, insurance etc. 

Your membership provides the group with the necessary support to run cultural events and other networking initiatives for members.

In addition it will also give you access to all email updates from the support group, to
members area forums on the website, to Whatsapp groups etc.

Membership for 2019 is €25.

Remember this is a Voluntary Organisation, run by Members for Members. We are delighted to get involved and roll up our sleeves and we do it with our own children in mind who will also benefit from the effort. But for the group to continue to exist volunteers are needed

Even if you could commit to helping out with some select events it would be much appreciated by the whole community.

It should be something you are happy and comfortable with, maybe you have some area of expertise or a product/service that the group can use and promote at the same time.
You can spend as long or as little time as you feel comfortable with.

The more people volunteer to help out, the easier the work on everybody and the more successful, entertaining and pleasant the events.

Let us know how we’re doing. It is no use to organise events that  you or your children do not enjoy or attend. Feel free to email or send a facebook message to us at any time. Your contribution is vital to keep the Support Group alive.

We are especially looking for help from people outside of Cork to organise events, gatherings, playdates, language classes in their county.